Mission Gold Pure Pigment Color Set

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Product Description

The Mission Gold Watercolors Pure Pigment Set features 26 extraordinary single pigment colors and includes a comprehensive color mixing guide for creating 28 beautiful additional colors.  Each tube of color contains just one pigment, allowing artists to easily and consistently mix an unlimited spectrum of clean, reliable colors.  All pigments in Mission Gold Watercolors are first selected for their highly lightfast properties, and then combined with the finest of mediums.  Finally, all colors are independently tested for lightfastness, twice, to ensure a rating of “good” to “excellent.”  Artists can be assured that when using Mission Gold Watercolors, their artwork will retain its brilliance for decades to be come.

The Pure Pigment Set will provide fifty-four (54) standard colors in all:  it includes twenty-six (26) tubes of single pigment colors, as well as simple mixing instructions for creating twenty-eight (28) additional intense colors, also readily available in our full range of Mission Gold Watercolors.  Mission Gold boasts superior strength and intensity of color, so a small amount of pigment goes a long way.  Because of their purity, this set can yield countless clean color mixtures, limited only by your own imagination!

 · Strong, pure pigments that will even stand up to the most opaque whites

· Highly lightfast colors that will maintain the integrity of artwork for decades

· Twenty-six (26) single pigment colors, capable of yielding 28 additional standard colors when mixed according to the included guide

· Intense colors that are easily revitalized, even from dry palettes

· All colors are AP nontoxic and safe for artists of all ages

· Set includes twenty-four (24) 15 mL tubes of color, plus two 7 mL tubes:  one each of Chinese White and Ivory Black.

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