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Susan Scheewe Products

Susan Scheewe Products

Susan Scheewe Products

Susan Scheewe Brown has enjoyed a life-long love for painting. As a very young child, she was introduced to painting by a beloved Aunt who was a fine artist, and that tender seed has developed into a highly successful career centered entirely around art and teaching others the joy of artistic expression. Sue has taken her many years of experience and clarifies the classic painting techniques into steps that help beginners and experienced painters alike.

Sue's talents are not limited to painting and teaching however. The artist is also a successful writer, publisher, businessperson, and TV personality. Sue is the host and teacher of the popular television series, Scheewe Art Workshop, and appears daily in households throughout the world. Her genuinely warm and welcoming style combines with her easy to master techniques, to create thousands of devoted painters and viewers.

Sue not only shares her techniques through television, books, and videos, but also continues to teach nationally and internationally. She offers a Certification Program for those interested in teaching others her style and technique.


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